Earthquake Survival Kits

Earthquake Survival Kits

Most earthquakes do not last more than a few seconds. The biggest earthquakes recorded in recent times have lasted for not more than 2 to 4 minutes on an average. However, depending on the length of the fault and how close you are to the epicenter of the earthquake, the magnitude can be huge. The biggest earthquakes in third world countries have caused deaths of several hundred thousand people. There is no way to predict when an earthquake may hit so it is always best to be earthquake prepared so you are ready whenever an earthquake may hit.

In the developed world, there are not too many loss of lives thanks to the stringent building norms which ensures that most of the buildings that people in the western world live are earthquake-resistant. However, no matter how resistant your building is to earthquakes, you are still likely to experience minor to strong tremors when earthquake strikes. The inevitable outcome of such tremors is the damage to your property. While most houses may escape with minor cracks, the damage to electrical and electronic equipments is not only huge, but also extremely likely.

Electronics and furnitures are some items that are easily destroyed but are extremely expensive to repair/replace. So as we always suggest, these are the things that you must take prime care of to ensure a two second tremor does end up costing you several thousand dollars to repair.

One way to ensure these goods are not damaged is by securing them in their places with our earthquake survival kit that comes with a variety of hooks, wax and  fasteners that ensure that furniture and objects that are hung on the wall are not easily destroyed.

Earthquake Survival Kit Contents

Rechargeable Automatic Light : One of the first casualties during a strong quake is the power line. Earthquakes can potentially disrupt the power cables that bring electricity to your homes or work places. Consequently, earthquake victims are often left without power when they desperately need it the most. So one of the most important item in your earthquake survival kit checklist should be a rechargeable power failure light that will automatically light up when the power gets cut. It is a pretty handy equipment even at other times when you may potentially suffer power failure.

Quake Wax : As noted above, the tremors from an earthquake may only occur for a few seconds, but their damage can be devastating. If you have paintings or other kinds of artifacts that are placed at particularly vulnerable positions - like hung from a wall or placed over placed over a wooden shelf or stand, it is extremely vital that you secure them so that they do not fall and break in the event of an earthquake. This should form a crucial part of your earthquake survival kits. The quake wax is similar to ones used in musuems and can be used to safely and securely anchor your artifacts and paintings.

Picture Hooks : If quake wax is not an option to secure your paintings that are hung on your wall, you should get hold of the no fall picture hooks. What these do is to offer support to large pictures or photo frames while they are hung on the wall so that they do not fall and break when an earthquake happens in your town.

Furniture Fastening Straps : Furnitures often do not break during earthquakes. And when they do, it is more often due to other heavy items or concrete falling on them and quite obviously you do not have much control. However, one area where furniture can cause havoc is when it moves haphazardly during a strong tremor. Not only can this hit other nearby objects (potentially causing fire), but since most people have furniture placed close to the entrance of their homes, a strong earthquake can move the furniture enough to block your way out. To prevent this, and also to prevent additional damage due to a moving furniture set, always ensure that your earthquake survival kit lists furniture fastening straps in them. This secures your furniture to their position preventing additional damage and blocked exits.