Earthquake Survival Kits

What are earthquake straps

When an earthquake strikes, the rhythmic shaking of the ground causes a lot of household products to lose balance and topple over. While this is more common with small and curvy objects, it is also possible with larger items especially if they have a small base and are tall. One of the best examples for products that fall in this category are your wardrobe and wooden/metal cupboards (called Almirah in some parts of the world). These cupboards occupy a space of not more than one square meter in area, but are as tall as seven or eight feet. Because of this shape, it is pretty easy for the cupboards to lose their center of gravity to outside the base area causing them to topple over.

Due to this high vulnerability of these cupboards to topple during an earthquake, it is advised to strap the cupboard to the wall against which is placed. This strapping is done with the help of strong metal cables so that when an earthquake strikes, the cupboards can stay upright thereby preventing what could be significant damage to your property. Here we will take you through the steps involved in securing an earthquake strap around objects you wish to protect.

Step 1 : Drill two pair of holes on the wall that you want to secure your cupboard against. Space the holes out at a distance that should have an equal measure of cupboard outside it when it is placed in position

Step 2 : Drill two other pair of holes on the cupboard or object you wish to strap. These holes must be exactly aligned with the holes drilled on the wall when the cupboard is placed in position

Step 3 : Secure two steel cable brackets against the drilled holes in the wall

Step 4 : Pass over a steel cable through these brackets and into the hole drilled on the cupboard

Step 5 : Ensure there is very little slack and clamp the cables on the inside of the cupboard using cable connectors.

Check out the video for a more illustrative explanation